Disruption and Augmentation enabled by a miniature laser scanning device

OQmented is consulting with Sachs & Deisselberg

We are consulting Sachs & Deisselberg UG for our market entry into Southeast Asia, with a focus on China. This guidance is supported by the European Commission Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and will help us grow in that specific region and get a better understanding of the Asian markets.


innovative concepts & designs and an outstanding MEMS technology enable tailor-made 
laser scanning solutions for automotive, consumer and industrial applications such as 
LIDAR, adaptive laser headlights, HUDs, 
3D cameras, augmented reality displays, virtual reality displays,
high power laser displays, structured lighting and laser material processing


scan angle > 170°

lowest power consumption

long-term reliability by 
hermetic vacuum packaging

high resolution

compact chip size 
(miniature scale)

broad mirror diameter range

available at very low cost

ready for volume production


LIDAR, adaptive laser headlights, HUDs


augmented reality displays, virtual reality displays, 3D cameras, high power laser displays


laser material processing, robotic vision, structured lighting, aerial land surveying and mapping