Disruption and Augmentation enabled by a miniature laser scanning device


innovative concepts & designs and an outstanding MEMS technology enable tailor-made 
laser scanning solutions for automotive, consumer and industrial applications such as 
LIDAR, adaptive laser headlights, HUDs, cabin monitoring, 
3D cameras, augmented reality displays, virtual reality displays,
high power laser displays, structured lighting and laser material processing

OQmented is cooperating with Forschungsfabrik Mikroelektronik 

The goal of this cooperation is a joint LIDAR demonstrator. Mainly developed by OQmented, this demonstrator shall combine pulse laser sources of the Ferdinand Braun Institute, MEMS scanner components of Fraunhofer ISIT, SPAD arrays of Fraunhofer IMS as well as MEMS scanner controllers and system software of OQmented. The prototype shall be presented to interested parties from industry and academia.